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Multicrete Products range of specialist imprinted concrete sealants, designed to protect and enhance your imprinted concrete area. Used by those in the trade and brought direct to you.
Anti-Slip Additive
Powder based Anti-Slip Additive to be used in conjuction with solvent based sealers.
£14.40 Inc. VAT
Bloom Remover (5Ltr)

5 Litre Units

£17.40 Inc. VAT
Bloom Remover 5ltr, 20ltr or 25ltr

25 Litre Units

£49.60 Inc. VAT
Xylene Thinners (25Ltr)

25 litre Units

£54.00 Inc. VAT
Xylene Thinners (5Ltr)

5 litre Units

£15.00 Inc. VAT