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Tanking Slurry 25Kg Bucket Grey or White

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Pro-Build Tanking Slurry

Pro-Build Tanking Slurry is a ready mixed, plastic modified and hydraulically setting powder. When applied to concrete, cement mortar renders or masonry, a portion of the hydrophobic substances penetrates into the capillary system of the substrate. These substrates fill the capillaries and stop the passage of water and become an integral part of the structure, thus forming a monolithic bond.


Pro-Build Tanking Slurry can be used in a wide range of areas, for commercial and domestic properties as well as in building, construction and civil engineering projects. Tanking Slurry may be applied to the positive and negative side of a structure against pressure water, ground moisture and dampness. It can be used to waterproof both old and new structures, internally and externally. The Tanking Slurry bridges hairline cracks, resists freeze/thaw cycles, is non-toxic, non corrosive, prevents efflorescence and is resistant to chemicals.
Surface Preparation

The substrate must be clean and sound. This will involve the removal of existing plaster and render coats, whitewash, paint, dirt, oil etc. This is best achieved by grit blasting or hacking depending on how clean the substrate is. Once clean and sound, the floors should be jet washed to clean away any further dirt or dust. The wall should be checked for nails or any other metal fixings, which must be removed.

Make good any holes; cracks or poor mortar joints using Pro-Build Filler Plug. Alternatively,  cracks can be repaired using a 3:1 sand cement mortar used alongside SBR.

Any repaired areas can be coated after 24hours but any large areas should be left at least 3 days (i.e. poured concrete, renders or completely new brickwork) to ensure complete curing.

Chasing out for electrical or plumbing lines should be completed prior to treatment.

If the property is to be fully tanked, consideration should be given to the removal of windows, doors, surrounds, radiator brackets and any other fixings, which may prevent a continuous seal. Any pipe intrusions should be chased out to 25mm around and 25mm deep and made good.

Where water pressure is encountered it can be relieved by inserting weep tubes in the wall. This will allow the Tanking Slurry applications to be carried out and can be subsequently sealed using a quick setting plug.
Any repaired areas can be coated after 24hours but any large areas should be left at least 3 days (i.e. poured concrete, renders or completely new brickwork) to ensure complete curing.


Pro-Build Tanking Slurry is to be mixed and used within 30 minutes @ 20˚C so any excess that is mixed and not used within the allotted time will be wasted. The mix ratio that is recommended is approx 5.5-6 litres of fresh clean water per 25kg.

Powder must be added slowly to ensure a smooth lump free mixture.

Normal problems with damp and water ingress can usually be solved by applying two coats of Pro-Build Tanking Slurry over the entire surface area. The second coat should be applied at a different angle to the original coat as soon as the first coat becomes touch dry. The second coat must be applied within 24 hours of the original coat. In hot and dry conditions a fine mist of water should be sprayed over before the second coat is applied.

If applying with a brush use a medium hard short bristled brush. You can apply the second coat with a trowel to provide a dense polished finish.


By brush: 1 – 1.5 kg per m² coat

By Trowel: 2 – 2.5 kg per m² coat

By spray 1.5 kg per m² coat

Plastering and Rendering

Remedial plaster systems can be used over Tanking Slurry providing that the relevant bonding is applied prior to application of plaster (i.e. PVA on interior and SBR on exterior). Dilute bonding with an equal amount of water and apply directly to cured tanking and allow bonding to become tacky, NOT DRY. Plaster may then be applied in the normal way.

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