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Tarmac Restorer Paint - Black (25L)

Multicrete Products Bitumen based Tarmac Restorer Paint - Black (25Kg)
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Multicrete TARMAC RESTORER is a blend of bitumens formulated to restore worn tarmac and asphalt surfaces. It can be used on paths, drives, car parks etc, to repair small cracks and holes and restore appearance.


  • Ready to use
  • Easy to apply

 Coverage: 1-2m² per litre per coat. One coat is generally sufficient for many applications.


  • When not in use, store in a tightly sealed container, indoors.
  • 12 month shelf life for unopened and undamaged containers.

  • Curing only begins on application to the substrate, however when not in use, any open containers should be sealed tightly.

  • Avoid product storage near sources of heat.

Surface Preparation

  • Thoroughly clean and dry surfaces so that they are free from loose material.
  • Remove moss, lichen and weeds by jet-washing, scraping, degreasing or wire brushing.

  • Ensure the surface is completely dry before application.

Curing Time

  • Drying time is normally touch dry after 5 hours, however moisture will delay the cure.
  • Do not allow the coating to become wet an hour after application.

  • After installation, the area should be kept clean and dry for 12-18 hours (depending on ambient temperatures) otherwise the product may become affected, resulting in discolouration and lack of cure.


  • Prior to application, ensure that the product is thoroughly mixed to an even consistency.


  • Do not apply to damp, wet or cold surfaces
  • Use in temperatures above 10oc
  • Apply with a brush or paint roller

  • Most surfaces only required a single coat, however sometimes a second coat may be required.

  • Each coat should be applied generously but evenly.

  • Avoid over coating as this will detract from the overall appearance.

  • Any small defects ie small holes or cracks should be filled prior to application.

  • To ensure compatibility with the surface to be treated, a small test patch should be treated and allowed to cure for approx 1 hour.

  • Check for any softening of the substrate which would de-note lack of compatibility.

Cleaning Equipment

  • Tools may be cleaned using white spirit
  • Clean any spillages before the bitumen paint has time to cure.

Hazards & Safety

  • Allow for appropriate ventilation when used in confined spaces, until the product is completely dry.
  • Wear appropriate PPE

  • Avoid inhalation or consumption.

  • Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes.

  • In the event of excessive inhalation of the vapour, remove person to fresh air and call for medical attention.

  • Wash eyes thoroughly with clean, cold water should eyes be affected, call for medical attention.

  • If the coating becomes alight, extinguish with a carbon dioxide, dry chemical or foam fire extinguisher, sand or earth.

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