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A solvent based bituminous paint providing a bright solar reflective coating suitable for application to bituminous roofing substrates.

A solvent based bituminous paint providing a bright solar reflective coating suitable for application to bituminous roofing substrates.
Protects against the elements, especially where bituminous, steel and corrugated iron surfaces are exposed.



Method of Application

Spray or brush. If brushed, beware as staining can occur if applied too thickly,. Excessive brushing may cause softening of the substrate.


Ensure paint is applied to clean, dry surfaces. Allow at least 2 weeks for pre-existing bitumen to weather before the application of Aluminium Paint. Stir thoroughly before use. Note:- The paint must be stirred for several minutes to ensure complete dispersion.

It is recommended that two coats of Aluminium Paint are applied to the surface, allowing the 1st coat to dry completely before applying the second. Presence of moisture on the surface or rainfall before the Aluminium Paint has dried can also cause staining.


Approximately 10m² per litre.

Cleaning Tools

Tools may be cleaned with white spirit. Wipe any minor spillages before the paint has dried. Major spillages should be mopped up immediately with an inert, absorbent material, such as sand, and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

Storage Life

12 months minimum in ideal conditions. Store in tightly closed containers in cool, dry conditions away from sources of ignition. Material which has been stored for several months will require vigorous stirring before use as a degree of separation may have taken place. Part containers must be kept dry.

Health & Safety

 Multicrete Aluminium Paint is solvent based and gives off an inflammable vapour. The solvent may have a narcotic effect if inhaled or absorbed through the skin. In extreme cases contact with the skin may cause dermatitis. In case of fire use dry powder, carbon dioxide (CO2), foam, sand or earth. Never use water as this may spread the fire. therefore the following precautions are advised:

1. Wear protective clothing
2. Avoid smoking, hot lights, naked flames or creating sparks
3. Never ingest, wash hands thoroughly before eating or drinking
4. Avoid contact with the skin, eyes and non protective clothing. Remove skin contamination immediately with a proprietary had cleaner and wash with soap and water.
5. When working with the product, until it has dried, ensure that the area is well ventilated thereby avoiding build up of solvent vapour.
6. Do not apply to roof lights, windows, glass or translucent sheets as they will constitute a hidden hazard.

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