Multicrete Salt Neutraliser Available in 1 or 5L
Multicrete Salt Neutraliser Available in 1 or 5L
Multicrete Salt Neutraliser Available in 1 or 5L

Multicrete Salt Neutraliser Available in 1 or 5L

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Salt Neutraliser and Remover, Anti-sulphate Treat Brickwork, Stone and Plasterwork
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Multicrete Products  SALT NEUTRALISER - Available in 1L or 5L

A specifically developed solution to neutralise the problems of salts in Brickwork, Stonework, Plasterwork and Render.

•Neutralises the action of salts to prevent or reduce efflorescence
•Applicable to all mineral building surfaces
•Easy to apply by spray or brush
•Can be used as a concentrate or diluted with water
•Suitable prior to tanking

•Brush away or remove all loose salts.
•Thoroughly soak the affected area with clean tap water.
•Apply Salt Neutraliser by brush or coarse spray to areas showing salt contamination. Under most circumstances one coat or application will be adequate.
•Where heavy salting on Brickwork is being treated use as supplied.
•On new plasterwork or light salting use Salt Neutraliser diluted with up to 50/50 with water.
•Some frothing may occur which is caused by the reaction with the salts. Allow some time for the neutralising action to be completed. A white deposit may be left on the surface where original efflorescence has taken place and sometimes is difficult to remove.
•If redecoration is to be applied to the treated surface, the area should be washed with water and allowed to dry. Do not redecorate until all treated surfaces are thoroughly dry.


Coverage will depend mainly on the porosity of the surfaces to be treated. 1 Litre will cover approx 5-10m².


A temperature between 5˚C and 25˚C is recommended. The product should be kept no longer than 2 years.

Health & Safety
•Causes Burns.
•Keep out of reach of children.
•Do not breathe fumes.
•Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, eye and face protection.
•In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If symptoms persist seek medical attention.

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