SBR Admixture 30% Solid- 5 or 25L
SBR Admixture 30% Solid- 5 or 25L

SBR Admixture 30% Solid- 5 or 25L

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SBR Admixture improves durability, workability and adhesion, reduces shrinkage and cracking. It is an ideal bonding agent for new to old concrete. It also increases resistance to water.
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Multicrete Products SBR Admixture

A premium grade SBR designed to give concrete floors and cement renders abrasion, chemical and water resistance. SBR also shows improved performance as a key coat adhesive compared to non SBR bonding agents.


For improving a mortar's, render's or floor screed's abrasion and chemical resistance. Providing protection during continued or intermittent water contact suitable for both external or internal use application. Key coat applications to substrates with a low porosity. For repair patching of concrete and cement screeds, to improve adhesion and flexibility of screeds.


All surfaces should be free from laitance, oil, grease and standing water. Unsound surfaces should be scabbled down to a solid base material.

Key Coat: Mix 1 part SBR to 2 parts cement by volume and adjust to brushable consistency with water. Mix only enough to use within the hour. Brush thoroughly into a clean dust free substrate, whilst still wet overcoat with the floor or render mix.

Damp-proofing: Mix the same formulation as in the key coat and apply the first coat with vigorous brush strokes. Allow to touch dry then apply a second coat at 90° to the first and allow 48 hours to dry. Apply the third coat at 90° to the second coat and while still wet apply the render.

Renderings/Mortars: Prepare the substrate with the key coat first for best results. Mix sand/cement mortar/render and add 5-7.5 litres SBR per 25Kgs cement, reducing the amount of gauging water accordingly. Apply at least 6mm thick. Two coats are recommended.

Granolithic Floorings: Prepare the substance with the key coat first for best results. Mix cement: sand: 3mm granite flooring chips 1: 1½: 1½ Use 5L SBR to each 25Kg of cement, for floors up to 25mm thick. For floors greater than 25mm use 2.5 litres SBR and add water accordingly to produce a semi-dry mix.

Patching Concrete: Use the key coat and use a 3:1 render mix feathering lightly.


Protect from freezing. Do not use with cements other than OPC without first contacting the cement supplier. Do not use chloride based frost proofers with SBR. Do not over mix mortar/render.

Storage Conditions

Store in cool, dry conditions. Protect from frost, high temperature and sunlight.

Shelf Life

Up to 24 months when stored according to manufacturers instructions.


Flooring: 5 litres SBR for every 25Kgs cement. Mortar/Rendering: 5-7.5 litres SBR for every 25Kgs cement.

Key Coat: 5 litres SBR per 30m² depending on porosity.

Disposal of Containers

Do not leave empty containers where residue could be harmful to children, animals or the environment. Replace lids and remove any containers to a central disposal point in accordance with local regulations.

Health & Safety

•Avoid eye contact. In the event of contact irrigate eyes immediately with plenty of cold, clean water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

•Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Wear wellington boots, protective clothing and gloves.

•Do not ingest. In the event of ingestion, do not induce vomiting, drink plenty of water and seek medical attention.

•Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water after use.

•Keep out of reach of children.

•Some people are more sensitive to chemical products than others. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

•See separate material safety data sheet for full handling, use and storage.

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